UpperCutt Hand cleaner
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Specially formulated, liquid, heavy-duty hand cleaner that puts dirt down for the count. Has tiny plastic, non-irritating scrubbing beads that dig deep to cut through dirt, grease and grime. Contains no solvents to dry, crack, whiten or harm sensitive skin. To use: Simply wet hands, apply UpperCutt and work into a lather, then rinse. Rich lather cleans hands thoroughly, gently and rinses away easily, leaving no soap film. Pleasant fragrance. UpperCutt is the number 1 decision for mechanics, printers, painters, and factory and industrial workers.
• This product contains poly scrubbing beads that dig down to remove the toughest dirt, grease and grime. Will not clog drains. Poly bead will float out of drains.
• UpperCutt Hand Cleaner contains no solvents to dry out or irritate hands, which makes it a great all-weather formula.
• This product produces rich later but rinses freely without leaving soap film on hands.
Recommended one gallon flat top dispenser Ws-61128.
4x1 gallon case

. Fits Zep's D-4000 Dispenser

Compare to Zep's Tko, Brody's Blue Pumice, and Arrow Magnolia's Knock Out

  • Item #: Ws-28790

UpperCutt Hand cleaner

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